Welcome – Bienvenidos – 欢迎 – Bienvenue – مرحبا بكم

Welcome to the A. Philip Randolph Square Neighborhood Alliance (The Alliance) of green and open spaces in Central Harlem South along Saint Nicholas Avenue that include the Roosevelt Triangle, Hancock Square, the Harriet Tubman Memorial, Marx Triangle, the 112th Greenspace, and A. Philip Randolph Square. The Alliance evolved from the work of green champions in our community who are committed to improving our quality of life through stewardship, planning, and advocacy. The goal of the Alliance is to empower community members to direct community leaders and stakeholders to develop ideas and create resources and programs that enhance the quality of life of residents and businesses in the community.

This website can become a nexus where we discuss strategy, data, successes, challenges, collaborations and more. From the onset, community residents have always been active participants in our organization who share their ideas, alert us to constituent concerns, and help create collective knowledge that informs every aspect of our work from weekly park cleanups to conceptualizing a Community Land Trust on an underutilized publicly-owned parking lot.

We encourage active engagement through participatory leadership. We urge the community to continue to ask tactical  questions, demand feedback, expect transparency, and continue to share experiences and provide us with direction, guidance, and encouragement. We look forward to creating this space with you.

Let us see what we can accomplish together!