Community Land Trust Opportunity

As an endorsing member of the New York City Community Land Trust Initiative (NYCLI), the A. Philip Randolph Square Neighborhood Alliance is developing the Community Land Trust Opportunity (CLTO), a program designed to created CLTs in distressed, low-income, working class, and gentrifying neighborhoods and communities throughout New York City and New York State. For more information about the NYC Community Land Initiative, click here.

In 2024, the Neighborhood Alliance will be one of fifteen organizations recognized as a New York State Community Land Trust training cohort, a yearlong opportunity to acquire the tools and resources to understand development processes, analysis of joint venture opportunities, and housing operations to better position the CLTs we form to steward permanently affordable community-controlled housing. For more information, click here.

Working with legal partners and advisors, we are in the process of drafting Certification of Incorporation for the Central Harlem CLT, the Greater Harlem CLT, and the Historic Harlem CLT as well as collaborating with residents in similar neighborhoods and communities to incorporate CLTs as a way of preserving permanent affordability. 

During Black History Month 2023, the Neighborhood Alliance organized a month-long forum that introduced its CLT model to Harlem residents to raise awareness, pique consciousness, and increase community buy-in. Next year, we will be planning a year-long teach-In on CLTs with international experts to help expand our base and further develop our CLT structure.